Jewellery piece: necklace based on the form of DNA and the ribcage

This is a piece of jewellery that I designed for my product design course.
I was exploring themes of death and re-birth.

The form and structure of the pendent both portrays the structure of the double helix and the fragility associated with the human body, in particular the rib cage. The ribcage protects many of the main human organs, so to me this shows both fragility and strength. This piece is also a little uncomfortable to wear with also suggests how fragile the human body can be.

I wanted to convey fragility of the human form and also show the role that DNA plays in the continual rebirth of the body.

According to a science textbook ‘a cell’s purpose in life is to multiply’. I like this quote because it conveys the ideas that every second of every day we are being reborn. I hope this piece conveys these ideas.