Bust:exploring body modification, dysmorphia and concepts of beauty.

This piece was created as a response to modern day body dysmorphia. I also wanted to make the sculpture androgynous.

The starting point of the idea was to explore issues around self image in modern culture. By making the piece androgynous I wanted to explore body dysmorphia as a disorder that effects both men and women.

In addition I wanted to experiment with how different cultures use extreme body modification. During my research I found a group of people known as the giraffe people (Kayan People, see fig.3) located in east Burma. In this practice they wrap rings of brass around their necks. This elongates their necks. The brass rings also compress the shoulders and lungs to create the final visual effect.

This piece is also inspired by the works of Rodin, particularly in some of the techniques used.

Rodin was often known for leaving the finning on his sculpture made as a result of the casting proses on his studies and sculptures. This is what I have done here. By leaving the finning on the sculpture I am able to not only convey the idea that this piece in particular was inspired by Rodin but this technique also creates a very organic look to the piece.

Figure 1: Front View

Figure 2: Side View

Figure 3: Image of a Kayan woman.